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A couple words from people from all walks of life who have gone through these courses and have transformed their lives and their businesses.

"I cannot recommend any process or workshop more than The Alchemy of Leadership. It is a profound experience that not only will bring your team closer together, but will also expose each individual's limitations and assist them in growing through the process and in doing so, unlock their true potential, in a sustainable manner. 

This is much much more than a workshop.

It is guaranteed to enhance the way you engage with your clients and your people.

It is guaranteed to change the way you do business. "

Pepe Marais

Senior Partner & Chief Creative Officer Joe Public

"Having the privilege to go through Alchemy of Leadership was amazing. It wasn’t what I had expected at all and far exceeded my expectations.

The course was positioned as a leadership course that all leaders within the business that I worked for at the time needed to attend. The first day of attendance was filled with anxiety and a level of excitement even though I didn’t know what to expect. A lot had been shared by the other leaders who had attended previous sessions but not enough for me to comprehend the depth of the work.

On the first day of the session, I experienced a breakthrough to one of the biggest experiences that had held me back throughout my adult life. It was a freedom I had sought over many years through many psychologists and never achieved. In one session my life made sense. My world opened up and I could see the impact that a vow I unknowingly made was steering my life in a direction that was causing discord. Throughout the entire week a lot more unfolded and was healed. My entire life changed in that week and it’s been a pleasure since. 

I highly recommend this course to any leader who strives to reach their full potential in every aspect of their live. It is well worth the investment in time and money."

Lebogang Masilela

HR Executive

"There is truly no program I would recommend more than this program and I have been involved with numerous personal and business development courses. The slogan ‘move beyond extraordinary’ is no understatement!

The Alchemy of Leadership has allowed me to be my most authentic self and to carry out business from a place of peace and confidence guided by my own wisdom.

It has allowed me to healthily deal with the multitude of challenges that come with running your own business as well as working with other people and teams.

This training has the flexibility to assist with any business challenge from communication, reaching targets, presenting, company culture, executing processes and strategies, innovating new concepts and ways forward and much more.

The benefits of this training are far reaching and long lasting and absolutely bolster your business and personal life so you can reach the next level.

Dani Thurgood

Business Entrepreneur

Move beyond extraordinary...

We will help you access your true organic Leadership Soft Skills rapidly.

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