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The courses contained in this series are designed to firstly bring self-awareness to your existing emotional state, secondly to start to change the way we perceive both ourselves and the world internally and externally and thirdly to enable you to make these changes permanent and organic.

The reflection of your real inner self to the outside world is a few short steps away. 

Celebrate the change in every moment...

Why Are You Who You Are

Series I

This series is the first of a three part series of programmes. 'Why Are You Who You Are' helps one understand how we perceive the outside world and what happens internally when a situation/interaction is presented to us. It brings a deeper understanding that we all perceive a situation differently and gives us the opportunity to change our internal world


The Alchemy of Leadership

Series II

  The Alchemy of Leadership Series follows on from 'Why Are You Who You Are' and has been designed to allow you to open into specific aspects of Leadership to uncover what blocks you from being the Organic Leader that you can be. Web based teaching is directly followed by one-on-one coaching sessions to both elicit and clear the underlying negative experiences, beliefs, rules, etc. that we have running at a subconscious level


Business Without A Mask

Series III

 The Business Without A Mask Series follows on from 'The Alchemy of Leadership Series'. Now that the internal blocks have been uncovered and the conditioning that stops us from being an Authentic Leader organically has been changed, the next step is to uncover what Ego Strategies do I engage in that are unhealthy and influences my behaviour towards myself and others. We often realise too late that we have stepped into that unhealthy behaviour again and often find ourselves unable to step back and correct what just took place.


Move beyond extraordinary...

We will help you access your true organic Leadership Soft Skills rapidly.

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