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The Alchemy of Leadership Series facilitates the tools that wake up and unmask the innate genius, the greatness in us all. This series offers the facilitation of step-by-step tools to directly foster, engender and ultimately unlock the soft skills required of the true, organic Leader of both now and the future.

We will help you access your true organic Leadership Soft Skills rapidly.

Be the best YOU you can be…

Do you want to be at the forefront of paradigm-breaking leadership? 

Are you looking for higher efficiency, improved communication, better use of creativity & resources and optimal performance in yourself, your organisation, your staff or your leaders?

Do you want to inspire and direct conscious action that supports immediate change in your whole organisation …  or the world?

Our highly effective, repeatable and directly applicable programmes and technologies make that happen.

Instead of restructuring, re-engineering processes, applying strategic models or hiring management consultants, we provide unique instruments that unlock the primary soft skills that make the true leader of both today and the future. Start today for both you and your business or organisation.


This Company Is The Brain Child Of Our two Co-founders

Our two co-founders quit their corporate jobs and started a successful computer consultancy which they ran for many years. 

During this time they both started with deep self inquiry work utilising The Journey method. 

They both are still International Presenters for The Journey International since 2008. 

Sharing their passion for others to gain access to greatness remains a core value.

Lydia Hoyland


Lydia has more than 20 years experience in the fields of Emotional and Consciousness Quotient. She is a Senior Practitioner and Presenter for The Journey International. As such Lydia is at the cutting edge of unlocking potential and works with compassion and a deep understanding towards others.

Meet Lydia

John Pinnoy


John brings more than 20 years of self inquiry, both individually and in a teaching environment with specific targeting of the all important soft skills of leadership. Coupled with many years of building successful businesses, this forms a potent blend of skills which are dedicated to helping others to achieve their greatest potential in all areas of life.

Meet John

Move beyond extraordinary...

We will help you access your true organic Leadership Soft Skills rapidly.

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